Effectiveness of Policies and Procedures for Addressing Challenges and Threats to Transgender Youths (Episode 006)

Although some districts and states have developed laws and policies to improve the experiences of trans students, many are either ill-conceived, ineffectively implemented, or reinforce restrictive and inflexible structures regulating gender (Omercajic & Martino, 2020).

 In this podcast, Drs. Eustace Thompson and Jeffrey Harris attempt to pinpoint what the perceptions of district and school personnel are regarding the effectiveness of district and school policies and procedures for addressing potential challenges and threats to transgender youths.

Their conclusions energize a deep conversation where it seems clear that trans-affirmative policy must be conceptualized within the broader school and community cultural context. Further, they show how the conditions for trans students cannot be exclusively bracketed within the LGTBQ. Trans students require more explicit protections and recognition through district and school policies and practices.