SCOPE Education Services, founded in 1964, is a private, not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, permanently chartered by the New York State Board of Regents to provide services to school districts in New York State. Services offered to local school districts include programs for educators, parents and children. SCOPE offerings include professional development, conferences, training, child care, preschool, elementary enrichment courses, outdoor education, summer environmental adventure programs and workshops/speakers bureau for parents and students. In addition SCOPE provides services for employment including courses required for New York State certification. SCOPE represents Long Island as a regional study council and is a member of the Study Council Alliance of New York State (SCANYS) and the National School Development Council (NSDC).

SCOPE is an approved sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE).

SCOPE Education Services

100 Lawrence Avenue

Smithtown, NY 11787


SCOPE Management:

Executive Director/CEO

Mr. George L. Duffy III

(631) 360-0800, Ext. 116

Deputy Director for Finance

Ms. Patricia M. Walsh

(631) 881-9629

Deputy Director 

Dr. John Stimmel


Director of Accounting and Purchasing

Deborah Thornton

(631) 881-9644

Deputy Director of Instructional Services

Mr. Michael J. O’Brien

(631) 881-9622

Director of Instructional Services

Mellisa Krauss

(631) 881-9639

Assistant Director of Instructional Services

Betty Westcott

(631) 881-9651

Director of Human Resources

Dr. Ronald Friedman

(631) 881-9621

Senior Director of Human Resources 

Patricia A. Walsh

(631) 881-9649

Senior Director of Student Services

Mindy Labriola

(631) 881-9677

Director of Student Services, Management

Dina Pendel

(631) 881-9624

Director for Staffing & Training, Student Services

Renee Mercer

(631) 881-9632

Director of Facilities & Executive Services/Corporate Secretary

Ann Nuzzo

(631) 881-9626

Assistant Director of Facilities & Executive Services

Christine Cosme


Enrichment Coordinator

Dan Seid

631-360-0800 x233