Greetings from JLI (Episode 001)

SCOPE’s Journal for Leadership and Instruction is a scholarly journal devoted to publishing exemplary research, from field articles to book reviews, that enable scholars, researchers, educational leaders, and teachers to consider for their own practices. Its purpose is to encourage educators to apply the findings offered by the research so that all of education’s best efforts can benefit from its conclusions.

In this opening podcast, we welcome two individuals who are particularly responsible for the success of our journal. They are Mr. George Duffy, Executive Director/CEO of SCOPE Education Services, and Dr. Robert Manley, who has recently retired from the journal’s chief editorship. Each of their support and contributions to education in general, and to the journal’s growing influence are noted.

Dr. Richard Bernato, the journal’s newest editor-in-chief, interviews both gentlemen to discuss their ideas and strategies that can be used to promote readership and submissions to the journal. Many ideas and initiatives are noted and will motivate viewers to this and subsequent podcasts to contribute to a communal effort to continuously sustain and improve our efforts.