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Welcome to our website - SCOPE Education Services is a not-for-profit, private organization permanently chartered by the New York State Board of Regents to provide services to school districts. Helping teachers inspire a love for learning. Supporting Long Island Education Since 1964 - Services Ranging from child care and after school programs to teacher development courses and training programs. SCOPE can create programs specially designed to fulfill educational needs. ...To the big day - Our team of professionals are Passionate, Experienced, and Inspirational Leaders.

Before and After School Age Child Care Programs

SCOPE Education Services is the largest child care provider in the state of New York, serving more than 6,000 students. All SCOPE child care programs are licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and are operated in public schools on Long Island.

Program Overview

SCOPE Child Care programs provide a safe, fun, caring environment for the children of working parents. A variety of age-appropriate, supervised games, sports, arts and crafts, and enrichment opportunities are offered, as well as healthy snacks, scheduled homework time and daily opportunities to socialize with peers.


The programs are open to all elementary school students residing in the school district. (District transportation restrictions may apply.) Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to capacity limits set by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) regulations. When necessary, students are placed on a wait list for the next available opening.


All staff undergo an extensive background check and meet or exceed all requirements set by the state of New York. The programs maintain a staffing ratio of one adult to ten children at all times. SCOPE program supervisors and field trainers oversee the programs. In addition, OCFS inspectors visit the programs regularly.


Parents pay all fees directly to SCOPE. The Basic Fee for full time P.M. students in 2015-16 is $299.00 per month. Students may attend on a part-time basis for a minimum of ten days per month at a rate of $170.00 plus $17.00 for each additional day. Tuition for full-time A.M. and P.M. attendance is $519.00 per month. Fees are subject to change. Please contact SCOPE in order to obtain information regarding available programs and specific fees for your school district.

SCOPE Responsibilities:

SCOPE conducts all needs assessments, designs the program to meet district needs, obtains all licensing, recruits, screens, hires and compensates all program staff, provides all staff training, purchases all consumable materials, provides children with a nutritious snack each day, provides all program supervision, and maintains appropriate insurance coverage for the program.

School District Responsibilities:

The school district provides adequate and appropriate space for the program according to the OCFS regulation requirements, provides access to a storage area and refrigeration, provide access to a photocopier, provides access to a telephone/phone line, provides custodial services, and permits SCOPE to distribute information regarding the program to parents in the school district.

For Further Information Contact: Michael O'Brien (631) 360-0800 ext. 100 or 150